Hybrid Solar Collector

This is exciting news for consumers wanting to cut energy bills even further!  The Turkish solar panel manufacture, Solimpeks Corp., has launched its Volther hybrid photovoltaic- solar thermal collector, which produces electricity and hot water simultaneously.  The combination of the two functions improves the efficiency of the electrical generation of the photovoltaics.

These hybrid panels address a problem most solar panels have.  Many conventional Photovoltaic (PV) systems produce a limited amount of electrical output compared to the solar input.  this new system allows excess heat to be recaptured and boosts the system's return on investment. PV cells are negatively affected by heat with output dropping by 0.5% with every 10 degree rise in temperature.  the hybrid system allows the PV cells to be cooled using water circulating around them.  The heated water is used to provide the additional benefit of hot water for the building.  Testing has shown the efficiency of electrical generation to be as high as 28%, while at the same time producing 140-160 degree F water.

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