Zero Carbon

Professor Phillip Jones is the chair of Architectural Science and Director of Architectural Science Research of the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.  His research ranges from energy use, to environmental design, and sustainability in the built environment.  Professor Jones was interviewed by Green Source Magazine back in May on achieving zero carbon on Wales.  Jones, along with the Low Carbon Research Institute funded by the Welsh Assembly Government set out to assist the Welsh Government in achieving their targets for a low-carbon economy.  Achieving this means supporting industry in Wales and informing the Welsh Assembly Government on policy in funding both the major projects and education.  Jones says they need to make sure that people have the right skills to do the green jobs that are being created by government.

The Welsh government has targets for achieving zero carbon in new buildings within the next year, and a 3 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2011.  Wales also wants to be totally self-sufficient in renewable electricity within 20 years.  The 2011 target appears to be quite unrealistic, but Professor Jones believes that unless you have fairly ambitious targets, you won't get the innovation needed.  When asked by Green Source about what strategies will be taken to achieve these goals, Jones stated "we are looking at how we match the reduced demand with an energy supply system that is responsive to that reduced demand.  So we're thinking of the various scales from components to buildings to cities".  Jones stated at the end that Europe and the rest of the world understands that the US has spoken about being committed to a low carbon economy, but they wait and see what the future holds.

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