Swiss Solar Powered Plane Attempts 24hr Flight

A team of Swiss adventures and engineers celebrate an aviation milestone for the longest solar flight of 15 hours.  The goal is 24 hours of nonstop flight, of which the team will set out to achieve in 2013 when it takes off for its round-the-world attempt.  The plane has a 207 foot wingspan, the size of a Boing 777 passenger jet, with 12,000 solar cells fixed to the wings and body.  It reaches a top speed of only 75 mph and has no room for passengers or baggage, therefore it is as light and efficient as possible.


  1. The plane design is very unusual...Why is the top of the plane so long and flat?? Is it a better way of absorbing and storing solar energy?

  2. The Top of the plane is long and flat to maximize the amount of PV Panels on the planes wings.