Greening Philadelphia by 2015

City Wide Energy Efficiency from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

City Government Energy Reduction from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

Parks and Open Spaces from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

Philadelphia is embarking on an ambitious goal to acquire 500 new acres of civic space and park land, and plant 300,000 new trees by 2015.  The city's take on storm water management differs from others by focusing on greening public and private space rather than constructing large underground pipes and tanks to handle the excess water.  The city has also set goals to lower city government energy consumption 30% by 2015.  Last year Mayor Michael Nutter signed a new bill requiring LEED certification for new buildings in Philadelphia.  As a member of the Solar America Cities Program the city has installed a 250kw PV system at the SE Water Pollution Control Plant and a 2-5mw system at the Baxter Water Treatment Facility.  This produces enough energy to power over 250 homes.  Watch the videos above and click the article post above to go to greenworksphila.org

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