New LG Solar-Assisted Air Conditioner

LG introduces its new solar powered air conditioner.  What is more deserving of solar power during hot Summer months than an air conditioner?  This 70 watt solar panel atop a 1000 watt air conditioner is certainly not the answer to reducing peak residential energy consumption, but could also be expanded with additional panels installed on the roof.


This ultra compact, 24/7, fully automatic rental and corporate bicycle parking facility is a pro bike enthusiasts dream institution.  Developed by Springtime and Post and Dekker, bikedespenser can be installed at public transportation hubs, corporate and business parks, hospitals, and parking facilities.


See Dollar Values In Building Green

A new process developed by Omaha, Neb-based Engineering Consultant HDR, measures the value of the social and environmental benefits of projects. The sustainable return on the investment process allows decision-makers to evaluate a potential projects overall sustainability benefits by assigning monetary values to environmental, social and economic impacts.  Communities can now show taxpayers a return on green investment.  The process puts monetary values on things traditionally not considered, such as carbon emissions saved or the impact of improved productivity on improved indoor air quality.

Live Roof Introduces First Hybrid Green Roof System

The Live Roof System is an efficient and easy to install system that arrives on site fully grown with soil-to-soil integration to ensure natural function.  This could be a great alternative for anyone installing a green roof.


Greening Philadelphia by 2015

City Wide Energy Efficiency from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

City Government Energy Reduction from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

Parks and Open Spaces from Greenworks Philadelphia on Vimeo.

Philadelphia is embarking on an ambitious goal to acquire 500 new acres of civic space and park land, and plant 300,000 new trees by 2015.  The city's take on storm water management differs from others by focusing on greening public and private space rather than constructing large underground pipes and tanks to handle the excess water.  The city has also set goals to lower city government energy consumption 30% by 2015.  Last year Mayor Michael Nutter signed a new bill requiring LEED certification for new buildings in Philadelphia.  As a member of the Solar America Cities Program the city has installed a 250kw PV system at the SE Water Pollution Control Plant and a 2-5mw system at the Baxter Water Treatment Facility.  This produces enough energy to power over 250 homes.  Watch the videos above and click the article post above to go to greenworksphila.org


Nest 50 Feet Above an Urban Forest Floor

Philadelphia's Morris Arboretum allows visitors to observe forests older than the Declaration of Independence and amazing views from a 50 foot platform in the city's Wissahickon Valley Park.  This exciting new feature zigzags 450 feet over an incline, giving visitors a birds-eye view of the grounds and a chance to experience trees in ways they never normally could.


Concrete with Character

Concrete, steel, glass, and a herringbone-toweled exterior scratch coat define this sleek Bay Area empty nesters pad. The minimalist composition designed by architect Stephen Kanner gives way to magnificent vistas spanning from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate.


Glimpse of Philadelphia's Future Pier Park

Members of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation met today at Race St. pier to get a sense of its progression and future existence as Philly's newest pier park transformation.

Brooklyn Opens New Pier Park

New York Continues to expand its pier park takeover.  The new brooklyn Bridge park is planned to stretch over a mile along the East River spanning over 85 acres.  The park is mandated to be self-sustaining, and reuse and reclamation is already extensive!


Is BP Inching Closer To Gaining Control Of The Nation's Worst Environmental Disaster?

Admiral Allen says technicians successfully snipped a key riser pipe on Thursday in their effort to contain the oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico from a stricken undersea well. They prepared to cap the severed pipe later in the day with a dome that they hoped would allow them to funnel the oil to tankers on the surface.


Tailor-Made Vegetable Gardens for City Dwellers?

Le Verdure Del Mio Orto ('The Vegetables from my Garden')—lets anyone build an organic garden right from their web browser.  Imagine if you lived in New York City or Philadelphia and you could order your own farming plot with all the fixings from a nearby farm and have your produce delivered within 24 hours of harvest!  

Mural Arts in Brazilian Slums

Hass&Hahn is the working title of artistic duo Jeroen Koolhass and Dre Urhahn.  They started working together in 2005, when they filmed a documentary about hip hop in the favelas of Rio and Sao Paolo for MTV.  Inspired by this visit, they embarked on a journey to bring outrageous works of art to unexpected places, starting with painting enormous murals in the slums of Brazil together with the local youth.


Rio's 2016 Debut

What will be the fate of the slums?  Will millions be displaced repeating Beijing, or will Rio's planners seriously consider the actual interest of people living near these sites?


Philly Green 1 Acre at a Time

The brief gathering behind the Sheet Metal Workers Union building on Columbus Blvd. Kicked off a series of six community meetings intended to familiarize neighbor with Green2015, a program to add 500 acres of open space to Philadelphia in the next five years, and part of the larger citywide green initiative Greenworks.